Friday, December 13, 2019

We thought it would be good to sit down with Philip Legge, founder of Legge Fitness Superstores and find out what is happening in the fitness and wellness field. 
1) How have things changed in the fitness and wellness field over the last 30+ years since you started your business? 
When my wife Mary and I started our natural health care business there was less public awareness of the benefits of cardiovascular and strength exercise, and proper nutrition and diet cleansing. Also, therapies such as massage, inversion, and sauna cleansing were not that common. However, all of these natural health care practices have been gaining in popularity and credibility in recent years. It used to be that most people would only rely on drugs and surgery for disease treatment, but now studies and research confirm that natural health practices can help prevent and even overcome some health problems. We find this very encouraging and exciting, and so do our clients.   

2) What should people expect when they walk into one of your stores? 
It is our goal that each person coming into our store will understand that our business is not primarily about selling products. Our approach has always been to look at a client’s needs, goals, and areas of concern. The next step is to see what options are available to help them address and achieve those concerns and goals. Then a plan or strategy can be developed based on what is a priority right now, and what should be worked on in the near future.

3) Why would people purchase from you rather than another company?
People come to us from all over Ontario because we offer quality products, and we stand behind every product we sell. Our pricing is competitive, because all six owners work full-time in the business which helps us be more efficient and coordinated in different areas of our business. At least that is our goal!
4) Are you different from the ‘big box’ stores?
Yes. First of all, we are a second-generation family owned and operated business. Everything from talking to people about their health and fitness needs and goals, to helping people find the right products to invest in for their home, to delivering and installing, to servicing, to helping people get the maximum benefits from the products they have, this is all done personally by members of our family. On top of this our clients really appreciate the education and training we offer, which gives them a better understanding of how the body works and what the body needs to be healthy, strong, and youthful. One of the ways we do this is with our new book, ‘Fitness and Health for the Whole Person’, which can be a handy reference tool that people can go to 24/7 in their own home. This book is a result of 30 years of training and teaching and working with thousands of clients. It contains five programs covering Fitness, Health, Youthfulness, Relationship Health, and Nutrition with all the essential information distilled down into one book.
5) How did your business develop?
Both my wife Mary and I suffered with health problems when we were young adults. We were very thankful for the help and advice that we received through people in the natural health care field. Our whole life potential was improved so much that we developed a desire and a commitment to help other people in the same way. In the first ten years of our business we focused mainly on nutrition consulting, massage, and relationship consulting. We held seminars and classes on health and wellness, and developed a client base across Canada for our correspondence courses. During this time our son and three daughters were growing up, and we wanted to have a business that would allow the whole family to work together. Also, our clients wanted fitness and wellness products they could use in their own home on a regular basis. So, our business gradually expanded, and now we have one of the largest selections of quality fitness and wellness products that people can try out in our stores. Our four adult young people are all co-owners of the business, and share the same desire and commitment to help people improve their fitness and health naturally.   

6) What is the driving force of your business?
Our business was founded with the goal to help others physically, mentally and emotionally with their health and wellness. We feel that the relationships we’ve been able to build with our clients over that time, has been the driving force of our business. We’ve also had the privilege to partner with some of the best manufacturers in the fitness and wellness industry.
7) Do you have a personal message for our readers?
We feel that it has been a privilege to be able to help people on a personal level in different areas of their wellbeing, because physical, mental, and emotional health are all connected. We believe that our mental and emotional health is directly related to the quality of our foundational relationships with our parents and siblings, and our spouse and children. When we take steps to improve those relationships our mental and emotional health can improve, and our physical health will get a boost at the same time. Also, if we are good stewards of our physical wellbeing our mental and emotional health can improve as well.