Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cardiovascular Training Quiz!

This exciting and interesting Fitness Quiz is based on the 3 articles that we wrote on Cardiovascular Training in our last 3 educational posts. 

Simply print off the Quiz, and fill it out based on the information in the last 3 articles. With a score of 80% or higher you receive a $75 Gift Card for "LEGGE FITNESS SUPERSTORES.'

        Some questions you might have to think about. Have fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cardiovascular Training for Fitness, Health and Youthfulness - Part 3

            Last month our article ended with an interesting question. "Did you know that the heart muscle, which in the average adult weighs less than a pound, pumps about ___________ gallons a day, which is

about ________ pounds of blood a day?" The surprising answer is that the heart pumps about 2,000 gallons a day, which is about 20,000 pounds a day! This can vary up or down depending upon activity level. The human heart weighs 8-10 oz., and is the size of a human fist, and beats on average 100,000 times per day. The heart muscle is an amazing pump, and is designed to last a lifetime!

            Cardiovascular Training benefits all 12 Systems of the human body. To fully appreciate all of the health and fitness benefits, it is important to understand the 'Two Main Body Functions'.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cardiovascular Training for Fitness, Health and Youthfulness! - Part 2

            Last month our article ended with the first part of a famous saying. "The two best doctors in the world are..." The complete quote is: "The two best doctors in the world are your right leg and your left leg!"

            Walking is an effective way to improve physical health, and also mental and emotional health as well. Many people have been able to change their whole life and their future by walking. It has been found that the repetitious movement of walking puts the body into the parasympathetic state, which is the state of "rest and repair". It usually takes about 20 minutes or more of walking before the body goes into this state.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cardiovascular Training for Fitness, Health and Youthfulness!

            There are primarily two areas to a person's fitness and health development. One is 'Cardiovascular Training', and the other is 'Strength Training'. Cardiovascular training is mainly working internally on gland and organ strength. A person's outward appearance can also change in the area of weight loss, and overall muscle toning with less body fat. In contrast, strength training mainly focuses on skeletal muscle and joint strength. The outward change is an improvement in a person's level of strength and the shape of their body. Both areas of training are important for an optimum level of fitness and health. In this article we are going to begin exploring cardiovascular training and its life-giving benefits.