Thursday, May 31, 2012

12 Reasons to Soak in a Hot Tub

Well, it's hot tub season at Legge Fitness Stores and we have some great options for you.

Our most popular Hot Tub lines are:
1) The Famous Softub from Sudbury Ontario
2) The Beautiful Sunrise Spas from Grimsby Ontario

Both of these Spa lines have exceptional features and benefits - and the benefits of Hydrotherapy are indeed HUGE! For those of you who wonder why they should use a hot tub there are 12 major reasons why your body would benefit from soaking  in a pool of hot bubbling water.

12 Benefits of using a Therapy Spa / Hot Tub
The following benefits relate to the 12 systems of the body!

1.   Circulatory: Immersing the body in heated water dilates blood vessels and increases circulation bringing fresh, oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood to all the glands, organs and parts of the body.
Heat, Buoyancy and Massage work in harmony in one of the oldest healing arts known: HYDROTHERAPY (or Water Therapy). People can lose 90% of their body weight in 2 feet of warm water.

2.   Digestive: All of the internal organs are almost weightless, because of the buoyancy created by the water. This eliminates the downward pressure caused by gravity on the digestive track, so that it can function better. 
3.   Endocrine (Glandular): The 3 master glands in the brain (the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus) are all stimulated because the body’s core temperature warms rapidly when you’re submersed in warm water. This improves all of the glandular functions in the body quickly.
4.   Hepatic (Liver/Gallbladder): The weightlessness of the organs will improve the functioning of the liver and gallbladder by relieving the downward pressure of gravity.

5.   Immune: Heating the body core temperature creates an artificial fever in the body to improve immunity to diseases and other ailments.
6.   Lymphatic: Excellent for detoxification. People can perspire 16 oz. of fluid in 20 minutes if there body is submersed in hot water. This is a tremendous benefit to the Lymphatic System. Drinking pure water and flushing out fluid through the skin will bypass the kidneys, and cleanse the trillions of cells in the body!
7.   Muscular: There is no quicker way to relax and rejuvenate all of the 400+ muscles in the body than with heat, buoyancy and massage all put together.
8.   Nervous: Warm water reduces stress and fatigue and is considered to be one of the best remedies for frazzled nerves! Heat also improves sleep patterns. 
Everyone loves a massage. And when it’s a full body hot water massage, it’s even better. You’ll move better, breathe better, sleep better and feel better with regular hydrotherapy.

9.   Reproductive: Takes the downward pressure of gravity off all of the glands and organs in the body, including the reproductive system.
10.  Respiratory: Takes the pressure of gravity off the lungs, and helps to remove excess fluid through perspiration.

11.  Skeletal: Water is an excellent substance with which to carry heat. Many people who suffer from joint pain can find almost instant relief while soaking in warm water. 
12.  Urinary: Perspiring, and using the skin as the “third kidney” will relieve the burden on the kidneys. This will quickly make the body more alkaline.

So, there you have it! And remember, a buoyant body is a happy body!


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