Saturday, June 9, 2012

The 2 Main Body Functions

  The body has a program, and it is cellular based. Cellular health is the foundation for overall bodily health. There are 2 main body functions. 1) Getting nutrients into the trillions of cells of the body. 2) Getting waste products out of the trillions of cells of the body. Understanding this process is perhaps the most important information you can learn about health and fitness.

   If the two main body functions work efficiently, cells are healthy which means they reproduce healthy offspring. If cells are healthy then body parts are healthy and the person is healthy. If nutrients aren’t absorbed and waste products eliminated efficiently then cells are unhealthy and they reproduce damaged offspring. If cells are unhealthy then body parts are unhealthy and the person is unhealthy.

   So, how do we get cells to pump nutrients in and waste products out? By using the G-forces of movement. Picture the trillions of cells in the body as microscopic water balloons consisting of about 75% fluid. The benefit of exercise and movement is that gravity causes the cells to vibrate or jiggle. This creates healthy cells that will split and divide and create other healthy cells. So every time your body moves, gravity causes the cells to vibrate which pumps nutrients through the permeable cell membrane and waste products out.
   The only way to prevent and overcome disease is to strengthen all 12 systems of the body. The 12 systems are: circulatory, digestive, endocrine (glandular), hepatic (liver/gallbladder), immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal and urinary. The 2 voluntary systems, muscular and skeletal, are under our direct control, which allows movement. Your organs and glands are only as strong as your muscles and joints, and the best way to strengthen them is by strengthening your muscles and joints. The glands and organs control all the automatic or involuntarily functions of the body, which determines our level of health and fitness. It’s through the challenge of physical exercise that our glands and organs can be strengthened, and they must be strong to work to their full potential. Weak muscles and joints mean weak glands and organs. Weak glands and organs mean a weak, degenerating, diseased body.
   Cardiovascular exercise alone will not give you strong muscles and joints. There are over 400 skeletal muscles and over 200 joints that need to be exercised through specific exercises. Cardiovascular exercise is primarily for the heart, lungs and the blood vessels, which make up the circulatory and respiratory systems. People need a strength training program for the other 10 systems of the body.
   To summarize, most cells in the body are primarily fluid, and are dependent upon movement to pump in nutrients and to pump out waste products. When a person is sitting, standing or lying down their body begins to decondition and atrophy, because they are not moving. Once they start moving, the G-forces of gravity causes the cells to jiggle or vibrate and the cell pumps in nutrients and pumps out waste products through the permeable cell membrane. In the space station, because there is no gravity, the human body can decondition and atrophy very quickly and within 48 to 72 hours a person can die. Creating artificial G-forces by using vibration devices allows astronauts to stay in space for over a year. What we learn from this is that exercise and movement is necessary for cells to function properly and be healthy. Healthy cells = a healthy person. If people are sedentary and get little exercise, cells will not pump in nutrients and pump out waste products efficiently and the cell will become unhealthy. Unhealthy cells = an unhealthy person. This information is sadly lacking with the general public and is perhaps the most important information a person can learn about how their body works.

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