Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why is massage so beneficial for our body?

We have been recommending Massage for several decades, and we're very excited to be offering our valued clientele 3D professional strength, deep muscle massage chairs and Zero Gravity Chairs for home or clinical use!

A lot of people who have a massage say afterwards, "I feel WONDERFUL!" But do they know WHY they feel so good? We all know that massage relaxes tights muscles, but do we know why that is so important?

Here are 4 bodily functions that improve from massage:

> Blood flow is enhanced
> Lymphatic fluid flows better
> Nerve impulses are uninterrupted
> Joints decompress and realign

Did you know that a good analogy of tight muscles is like squeezing the garden hose, or putting a kink in it? You turn on the tap, and what happens? A little trickle of water comes out the end of the hose!

That's what happens in the body. Tight muscles squeeze or restrict blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves. This handicaps or hinders these vital body functions.

Soothing massage relaxes the muscles, and as a result many good things start to happen in the body. Blood flow is enhanced and life-giving, nutrient-rich blood can flow to every part of the body. The lymphatic fluid "bathes" all of the trillions of cells in the body, and transports toxic by-products and wastes back up to the filtration organs in the upper body. The electronic messages from the brain are transmitted through the nerves efficiently. This allows the body to function up to its potential!

Remember, gravity causes the blood and lymphatic fluid to settle in the lower extremities. In fact, the lymphatic system DOES NOT have a pump to move it. The blood has the heart to move it throughout the body, but the lymphatic fluid is dependent on movement, massage and inversion to keep it circulating throughout the body.

It's also important to realize that our Lymphatic System is the center of our Immune System, which is our body's "line of defense" against bacteria, viruses and degenerative diseases.

Did you know that if our Immune System is healthy and working properly, it's unlikely that we will get sick with a virus or disease? This is very exciting news!

So, we understand how massage helps the blood, lymph fluid and nerves. But how does massage help our joints decompress?

Muscles are attached to bones with tendons, and ligaments hold the bones together like a lot of rubber bands. When these muscles, tendons and ligaments tighten and shorten with age, stress, exercise and injuries, this causes the fluid cushions (cartilage and discs) between the joints to flatten or compress.

A good analogy is having a slow leak in your tire on your vehicle. If you don't pump the tire back up, eventually the rim will cut into the rubber tire. It's similar in the body, the cushions between the joints flatten, and grind down until eventually it's bone on bone. This causes nerve pinching, which leads to discomfort, and then numbness and tingling and loss of movement.

Do you see the connection?

When you relax the muscles, tendons and ligaments, the joints can decompress or open up, and the fluid cushions (cartilage and discs) can rehydrate with fluid and regain their proper thickness. This leads to enhanced flexibility, mobility, range of motion and comfort.

What does this mean?

All of the good things that we notice from massage such as, pain relief, relaxation, tension relief, better sleep, increased work productivity, more energy and clearer thinking, are because these four bodily
functions have dramatically improved!


For those wanting to benefit from deep muscle massage right in the convenience of their own home, we offer 3 of the top brands in Professional Massage Chairs.

> Inada Family
> Panasonic
> Human Touch

Many people in the consumer market have heard of the Panasonic massage chairs, however Inada Family and Human Touch are just as popular in the professional and medical fields.

"Inada" made the first Massage Chairs back in 1962, so they have a proven track record of 53 years. They are the only Massage Chairs still manufactured in Japan, and the other manufacturers have all gone to China. "Inada" Massage Chairs are considered to be the best Massage Chairs made.

"Human Touch" Massage Chairs have been made for over 35 years, and are excellent quality, and are exclusively endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).

We have these 3 leading brands available in both our retail stores for you to try out today!

Have a seat and relax!  

- Written By: Philip Legge RNC, CH, CDMT

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